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Summary of data from yesterday, 29 March.

Region Cases Deaths
France 0 0
US 0 0
United Kingdom 0 0

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WED 29 MAR - 21:18

"Retreating to where? God, you fools, you were not able to defend the Atlantic & Siegfried Line, or the Rhine. What do you think you can do in Germany?" Kellner, a German Social Democrat, records his anti-Nazi thoughts in a diary named Mein Widerstand, "My Opposition".

WED 29 MAR - 21:05

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Anti-Nazi German Friedrich Kellner records disintegration of the Wehrmacht before overwhelming force of Red Army: "The German army is fleeing! Since yesterday, cars heading east have been racing past our building. The 'best army of the world' (so often called) is fleeing back."

WED 29 MAR - 20:56

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As Allied troops smash into Germany from both east & west, Berliners joke: "Optimists are learning English. Pessimists are learning Russian."

TUE 28 MAR - 21:02

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British newspaper headlines, from the Daily Mail & Daily Express to the Telegraph & Evening Standard, report collapse of German armies along the Rhine as Allied forces surge into Germany:

TUE 28 MAR - 21:00

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Fleeing advance of the Red Army, over a million Germans are now trekking west from eastern Reich & Nazi-occupied Poland, choking roads & towns with refugees.

MON 27 MAR - 21:44

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Last V2 rocket to hit London smashes Vallance Road flats; most residents are Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi persecution:…

MON 27 MAR - 21:10

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As Allied forces close in on launch sites for V2 ballistic missile programme, Germans frantically send their last rockets at Belgium & England; 134 people have been killed by a strike on East London:

SUN 26 MAR - 21:12

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Operation Cold Comfort, British SAS mission in Italy, has failed. Commandos, parachuted into Alps, aimed to start avalanches to cut vital Brenner Pass linking Germany-Italy. SAS failed to cut pass, surrounded by hostile pro-German civilians; 2 have already been captured & shot.

SAT 25 MAR - 22:03

Nazi propaganda minister Goebbels notes in his diary: "The situation in the West has entered an extraordinarily critical, ostensibly almost deadly, phase."

SAT 25 MAR - 21:51

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Winston Churchill is on a visit to the Western Front. After lunch with General Eisenhower, Churchill commandeers a boat & crosses the Rhine, wandering unopposed in German territory:

Cowboy Bebop

  • Everything has a beginning and an end. Life is just a cycle of starts and stops. There are ends we don't desire, but they're inevitable. We have to face them. It's what being human is all about.



  • Pam, if you want to scuff them that badly just throw them down the......ugh.
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Alice Porter

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Enigmatic Dark Alchemy.

First brewed in 2010, Alice Porter returned as a seasonal in 2015. The beer was originally created and brewed for (real life) Alice Porter’s impending nuptials to the Beer King of Leeds, Matt Gorecki.

Goes well with:

  • Applewood cheddar bacon beef burger
  • Roasted garlic camembert
  • Parmesan truffles

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Premier League

Club Pld W-D-L Pts GD
1 Arsenal FC 28 22-3-3 69 40
2 Manchester City FC 27 19-4-4 61 42
3 Manchester United FC 26 15-5-6 50 6
4 Tottenham Hotspur FC 28 15-4-9 49 12
5 Newcastle United FC 26 12-11-3 47 20
6 Liverpool FC 26 12-6-8 42 18
7 Brighton & Hove Albion FC 25 12-6-7 42 15
8 Brentford FC 27 10-12-5 42 9
9 Fulham FC 27 11-6-10 39 1
10 Chelsea FC 27 10-8-9 38 1
11 Aston Villa FC 27 11-5-11 38 -4
12 Crystal Palace FC 28 6-9-13 27 -16
13 Wolverhampton Wanderers FC 28 7-6-15 27 -19
14 Leeds United FC 27 6-8-13 26 -9
15 Everton FC 28 6-8-14 26 -18
16 Nottingham Forest FC 27 6-8-13 26 -27
17 Leicester City FC 27 7-4-16 25 -9
18 West Ham United FC 26 6-6-14 24 -10
19 AFC Bournemouth 27 6-6-15 24 -29
20 Southampton FC 28 6-5-17 23 -23


High Low Forecast
Thursday 12° Rain moderate rain
Friday Rain moderate rain
Saturday Rain light rain
Sunday Clear clear sky
Monday Clouds scattered clouds
Tuesday Rain light rain
Wednesday 12° Rain light rain
Thursday 13° Clouds broken clouds

People In Space

ISS (7)

Sergey Prokopyev, Dmitry Petelin, Frank Rubio, Stephen Bowen, Warren Hoburg, Sultan Alneyadi, Andrey Fedyaev

Shenzhou 15 (3)

Fei Junlong, Deng Qingming, Zhang Lu

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Quote Of the Night

I'm not shouting — you just have sensitive hearing

F1 Teams

Red Bull 87
Aston Martin 38
Mercedes 38
Ferrari 26
Alpine F1 Team 8
Alfa Romeo 4
Haas F1 Team 1
Williams 1
AlphaTauri 0
McLaren 0

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What Does :: Mean in Python? Operator Meaning for Double Colon

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Dwars door Vlaanderen Women: Demi Vollering victorious with solo move

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Dwars door Vlaanderen: Christophe Laporte grabs solo glory on cobbles with late attack

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Gent-Wevelgem Women: Marlen Reusser takes wrong turn but still claims massive solo victory

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Gent-Wevelgem: Christophe Laporte and Wout van Aert dominate with a 1-2 finish after 50km attack

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GP Industria & Artigianato: Ben Healy secures solo victory

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Primoz Roglic holds off Remco Evenepoel to capture Volta a Catalunya title

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Volta a Catalunya stage 6: Groves sprints to victory on teammate's bike

On this day

In 2008 - Drolma Kyi arrested by Chinese authorities.

Born 1969 - Troy Bayliss, Australian motorcycle racer

Died 2012 - Aquila Berlas Kiani, Indian-Canadian sociologist and academic (b. 1921)

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Programming Joke

  • Why did the Python data scientist get arrested at customs?
  • She was caught trying to import pandas!

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